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Land animals are not the only ones to have sanctuaries- fish have them too! Please enjoy a photoset of fish enjoying their lives in beautiful sanctuaries. :)


The Department of Miniature Marvels is thrilled to discover that they can add gardening to their list of work-related hobbies. A recent trend in Japan has people raising itty-bitty bonsai plants less than 3cm in height. Called cho-mini bonsai, or ultra-small bonsai, they’re the perfect green hobby for people who don’t have much gardening space or simply love exquisitely teeny-tiny things. The completely kawaii pots, wee gardening supplies and mini display shelves that are made for cultivating cho-mini bonsai are almost as awesome as the tiny plants and trees themselves.

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Harry Clarke. Illustrations for Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination. 1919.

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birds are assholes

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If you put a bee in the freezer, it will get cold and fall asleep. After it’s asleep, put it in your mouth, but don’t eat it. Just let it sit there. It will get warm and wake up. Now you have a bee in your mouth.

Why the fuck would I do that

life hack

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Hi, I’m Lisa and I have too many baby rats.


As it says on the tin, a beautiful honeybee sanctuary. :)

meckamecha asked: What is your stance on domesticated foxes? Since, they do exist (from a soviet genetic program to determine how wolves were domesticated into dogs), and are fully domestic after only sixty years.






I have a lot of mixed feelings on pet foxes, including how domesticated they truly are.  I do think they are removed enough from wild foxes that they could not ever be reintroduced, but I still look at these pets as wild animals in comparison to actual domestic companion animals.  If someone were to ask me if I think they make good pets, I would say no and I would never encourage someone to get one.  But I have seen several examples here on tumblr of people who are able to provide properly for them, and that they seem to do well.  The people that I have seen, too, make a point to say how demanding these animals are, which I think is important in their positions.

Just to point out that the vast majority of pet foxes do not originate from the Russian domestication program but instead come from regular fur farm stock that are now being bred as pets in America and Europe. Less than five foxes have ever been successfully imported from the Russian project into North America as they are very protective over where their foxes end up. It also costs around $8k to import one, compared to an average of $400-800 for an American-bred fox. 

Here’s a post that explains why the Russian foxes aren’t as domesticated as the institute likes to claim

And an article on other issues with the Russian program

wasn’t the sibefox website also a scam and unrelated to the actual breeding program? I vaguely remember people talking about that but didn’t follow up on it.

I’ve never been crazy about that program. the enclosures look small and uncomfortable for an animal of that size and energy level, the selling history is poor, it doesn’t seem worth it to continue breeding animals shoved in those small cages (again, this is based on what I’ve seen in documentaries and articles showing video/photos of the enclosures) just to be euthanized because nobody is actually buying these foxes.

Yes it was! Sibfox lied about their connection to the Russian program and no foxes were ever imported through them, although not sure how many people actually got scammed by them.

Here is a thread on someone who tried buying a fox through sib fox, as far as I know she’s the last person to use them, before they disbanded or whatever it was they did in the end. It turns out they actually were in contact with the institute, they just scammed them as well, leading them to offer a female fox the following year to the lady who got scammed, as a sort of making of amends, even though they were not at fault. 

Since they’ve started exporting foxes they’ve actually exported a mink to the states too! Unfortunately once he got to his new home there hasn’t been any follow ups or more news on him, probably because all the hype goes towards the foxes so I really can’t say if he’s especially tame for a domestic mink or not. They’re certainly all domestic in the physiologically speaking, but whether the institute’s foxes & mink are also psychologically “more domesticated” than regular ones on fur farms, I don’t think anyone knows for certain. I guess until they make some kind of comparison study no one can say for sure?

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